Prevalence and determinants of vaccine hesitancy in Aseer Region, Saudi Arabia

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Prevalence and determinants of vaccine hesitancy in Aseer Region, Saudi Arabia


Alqahtani, Youssef
Almutairi, Khalid H.
Alqahtani, Yahya M.
Almutlaq, Ahmed H.
Asiri, Anas A.



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Objectives: This study aimed to assess the awareness of the general population regarding vaccines to determine the prevalence of vaccine hesitancy in Aseer Region in the southern part of Saudi Arabia. Methods: A descriptive cross-sectional approach was used, targeting all parents in Aseer Region. The study was carried out from January to April 2020. The data for this study were collected using a structured questionnaire, which was developed by the researchers after an intensive literature review and consultation with experts. The questionnaire covered aspects such as parents' sociodemographic data, their awareness regarding vaccine safety and efficacy for children and their attitude and adherence to children's vaccination, including their hesitancy towards vaccines. Results: The survey included 796 participants (response rate: 100%) whose ages ranged from 18 to 55 years. Two-thirds (63.4%) of the participants were female. Regarding vaccination adherence and hesitancy among participants, more than three-quarters completely adhered to the vaccination schedule for their children, and only 3.9% were non-adherent. With regards to participants' awareness regarding vaccine safety and efficacy for children, 89.3% agreed that vaccination keeps children healthy, 84.2% reported that vaccines are safe and effective for children and 83.4% reported that all scheduled vaccines in Saudi Arabia are effective. Conclusion: Vaccine hesitancy among participants was not low, and this should be taken into account notwithstanding their high awareness levels. The recorded antivaccine action was mostly related to vaccine safety and not its efficacy.

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9.7; 9.5.1; 9.1

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immunization [pri]; prevalence [pri]; vaccines [pri]

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communicable disease; empirical research; knowledge, attitudes, practice; parents; public health; risk; questionnaire


Saudi Arabia


vaccine hesitancy

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Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal. 2021 November; 21(4): 532-538

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