What is an ibadah friendly hospital?

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What is an ibadah friendly hospital?


Masud, Ishak
Halim, Suhaimi Abd.
Shafi, Mohamad Surina
Ramli, Amir Nurul Aisyah
Awang, MohdZulkifli
Subhan, Izzati Aminah



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The quest to practice Islam as a complete way of life is not something unusual for Muslims, especially for healthcare workers who are committed to the practice of Islam according to the teachings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW. Thus, for committed Muslim healthcare workers, the practice of medicine should ideally be in line with the Islamic worldview. Their aim should principally be to seek the pleasure of Allah SWT through performing their utmost best while also serving humankind as part of their amaland as ibadah. The introduction of this Ibadah Friendly Hospital (IFH) has been recognized and accepted as one of the best ways of translating Islam in our daily life as healthcare workers as we are dealing with people who require support, in particular spiritual support. Its implementation can be adapted according to the situation be it in Muslim or non-Muslim countries. It provides the platform to seek His pleasure and perform our ibadah at all times and at any place while at work. The best of Allah’s creation (human beings) are cared for and aided in reaching the best state of health to facilitate their ibadah.

In the IFH, patient care is holistic in approach and should follow the guidelines as laid down by the Quran and Sunnah. Understanding and following Maqasid Al-Shariah and Qawaid Al-Fiqhiyyahare the key factors in the implementation of IFH. Here lie the opportunities to carry out and apply the concept of ‘Dakwahbil Hal’ in our work. It helps to improve the quality of services because the task being carried out is an amaland ibadah for us. In other words, this IFH is a process of Islamisation of health services which, if followed properly, will have a direct and positive impact in improving the quality of health services at large.

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ibadah; maqasid al-shariah; qawa'id fiqhiyyah; Qur'an

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Journal of the British Islamic Medical Association. 2021 April; 7(3): 8p.


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