Islamophobia and psychiatry: recognition, prevention, and treatment

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Islamophobia and psychiatry: recognition, prevention, and treatment


Moffic, H. Steven, ed.
Peteet, John, ed.
Hankir, Ahmed Zakaria, ed.
Awaad, Rania, ed.


Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2019

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Switzerland: Cham

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17.1; 9.5.4; 1.2

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Islamic ethics [pri]; mental health services [pri]; Muslims [pri];
psychiatry [pri]

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cultural competency; ethnic groups; health care delivery; minority groups; patient care; psychotherapy; social discrimination


Islamophobia; post-traumatic stress disorder


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Mental Health in the Islamic Golden Era: The Historical Roots of Modern Psychiatry -- Islamophobia: An Introduction to the Academic Field, Methods, and Approaches -- History and Principles of Islam and Islamophobia -- Islamic Perspectives on Psychological and Spiritual Well-Being and Treatment -- Religiosity and Mental Health in Islam -- The Social Psychology and Neurobiology of Intergroup Conflict -- Art for a Better World -- Symbols and Identity in Islamophobia -- Cultural Literacy -- The Cultural Formulation in the Islamophobic Context -- Clinical Assessment Tools for Culturally Competent treatment of Muslim Patients -- Transference and Countertransference in Addressing Islamophobia in a Clinical Practice -- Islamophobia: A Jungian Analytical Perspective -- The Islamophobic Normative Unconscious: Psychoanalytic Considerations -- Challenges of Islamophobia: Psychiatric Considerations for Effectively Working with Muslim Patients -- Understanding Islamophobia and its Effects on Clinicians -- Muslim Psychiatrists in Training Address Islamophobia in Clinical Experiences -- Islamophobia From the American Muslim Perspective -- Islamophobia: A British Muslim Experience -- Islamophobia: Social, Religious, and Clinical Considerations from a Jewish Psychiatrist -- Islamophobia: Social, Religious, and Clinical Considerations from a Christian Psychiatrist -- Addressing the Mental Health Needs of African American Muslims in An Era of Islamophobia -- Islamophobia and Ethical Challenges for LGBT Mental Healthcare -- Islamophobia and the Mental Health of Rohingya Refugees -- Muslim Women and Islamophobia -- Muslim Youth in the Face of Islamophobia: Risk & Resilience -- Children, Adolescents, and Islamophobia -- Muslim Refugees -- A Case Study of the Political Determinants of Division: Muslim Perceptions of British -- Combat Troops -- Community Resilience -- Islamophobia and Public Mental Health: Lessons Learned from Community -- Engaged Projects -- The Psychological Determinants and Social Influences of Violent Extremism.

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“Islamophobia and psychiatry: recognition, prevention, and treatment,” Islamic Medical & Scientific Ethics, accessed February 20, 2020,