Islamic bioethics: critical analysis of Pakistan Medical and Dental Council's code

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Islamic bioethics: critical analysis of Pakistan Medical and Dental Council's code


Kazim, Fouzia


Saarbrücken, Germany: VDM Verlad Dr. Müller, 2010.

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Germany: Saarbrücken

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92 p.



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bioethical issues--[pri];bioethics--[pri];codes of ethics--[pri];Islamic ethics--[pri]

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autonomy;beneficence;communitarianism;evaluation studies;health;health personnel;human dignity;human rights;informed consent;international aspects;personhood;principle-based ethics;professional ethics;professional organizations


Pakistan--[pri];Pakistan Medical and Dental Council--[pri]

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Introduction -- Ch. I. Human dignity and autonomy in Islam -- i. Introduction -- ii. Human dignity in Islam -- iii. Personhood in Islam -- iv. Autonomy in Islam -- v. Beneficence in Islam -- vi. Good will in Islam -- vii. Community vs individuality -- viii. Importance of health in Islam -- ix. Human dignity and autonomy in Kantian philosophy -- x. Kantian autonomy vs Beauchamp and Childress's principle of respect for autonomy -- xi. International Declarations on Human Dignity and Human Rights -- xii. Concluding remarks -- Ch. II. Islamic bioethics and critical analysis of Pakistan Medical Codes of Ethics -- i. Introduction -- Pt. I. -- i. Bioethical issues and Islamic interpretation -- a. Necessities overrule prohibition -- b. Choice of the lesser of the two evils if both cannot be avoided -- c. Acceptability of a deed depends upon the intentions -- d. All things are lawful unless specifically prohibited -- ii. Islamic bioethical issues -- a. Guardianship of women -- b. Consent -- c. Euthanasia -- d. Post-mortem in Islam -- e. Abortion -- f. Organ donation -- g. Assisted reproductive techniques -- h. Types of surrogacy -- i. Contraception -- j. Gene therapy -- Pt. II. -- iii. Islamic bioethical laws and Pakistan Medical Codes of Ethics -- a. Euthanasia -- b. Abortion -- c. Contraception -- d. Organ donation -- e. Assisted reproductive techniques -- f. Gene therapy -- iv. Concluding remarks -- Ch. III. Informed consent in Pakistan Medical and Dental Council's Codes: theory and practice. -- i. Introduction -- ii. Four principles in the codes of ethics – iii. Oath of medical practitioner -- iv. Informed consent -- v. Different kinds of consent -- vi. Consent procedure -- vii. Implicit consent -- viii. Informed consent and research medicine -- ix. Medical decision-making in Pakistan -- x. Concluding remarks -- Conclusion -- i. Conclusion -- ii. Recommendations -- Bibliography -- Appendix A -- Appendix B -- Appendix C

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